Once, in 1955 San Francisco… the west coast weirdos and the east coast beat-down desolation angels met together in the six gallery to listen to a new poetry. it is a poetry of genitals and poverty and tatters, a jazz poetry, eastern mysticism and american hustling. the crowd was electric, shouting and stomping, the compression of elements like atoms smashed together forming a new write, a new literature, a new and self-aware rebellion against the old and established ways, the grey and consumptive of doing things. it would go by many names and many faces, and come by many more.

In 2010 in China… an American made his own rebellion against all that was grey and consumptive. he wants to channel the lightning and charge people to see the show. fusing elements in the reactor of his mind, blowing up the petty things, sparking off a chain reaction of questions. the experiment spans the big bang to stray thoughts, a science fiction of outer space and



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