The Power Is Yours!


This week, I’m finishing up revisions on one short story and have (finally) sent off No Time for Revolving Doors to my first readers. Writing-wise, I’m at a loose end, but I’m bursting with ideas. I have no idea what to work on next.

So I’m going to bump it to you guys.

I know I want to do some short fiction, unrelated to anything I’ve currently got going on. Here’s a mix of ideas, new and old, that are pretty well ready to roll. Which one do you most want to see?

  1. “Escape from Fiddler’s Green.” The spirits of dead sailors grow restless, and engineer a plot to leave the seafarers’ heaven and sail back to home waters on Earth.


  2. The sourdough plot. A grown child, grieving for their deceased parent, hunts down the departed’s magic sourdough starter, which transfers the emotions and experience of the baker into each loaf.


  3. “Street of Small Merchandise.” A low-level bureaucrat in Shenzhen’s Public Security Bureau has a mystery on his hands when, in logging the evidence from a murder site, he finds the contents of his own pockets.


  4. The Lost Signals submission that never was – A ham radio operator is stunned to find his own name mentioned in a secret transmission underneath a numbers station. He’s even more startled when his friends hear something entirely different under the numbers.


  5. Technician vs. Performer. On a solarpunk station, a freefaller with big dreams competes against a happy-go-lucky crowd-pleaser. How will she win over spectators and judges with technical acumen when they just want to see her opponent smile?

Even better? Whoever votes for the ultimate winner will get a sneak peek at the story when I send it out to my first-readers. Answer in the comments: Which story do you want to see expanded out to five thousand words?


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