How “No Time” Happened, Part 3

Due to overwhelming fan demand…

…that is to say, two people…

…here is the original outline document for No Time: The First Hour. I have a similar one for No Time for the Killing Floor: The Second Hour and have started the one for No Time for Revolving Doors: The Third Hour.


Symbols: The hours, will (power, to power, free, etc.), countdowns, dancing (time), que sera sera,


  • Will (predestination paradox motive! Never seen that before, have ya?)
  • Rachel (revenge for cheating on her with Maria)
  • Maria (jealousy over Rachel/deeper motives)
  • Suspect X (revenge for Gooch putting him away) [Obviously this is Hank Lightfoot.]
  • Rachel’s sister (crime of passion, revenge for ‘beating’ Rachel)
  • Angelo (prevent Gabriel from telling something Gabriel doesn’t even know yet. He’s intentionally ignorant of whether Gabriel ever tells, and unintentionally ignorant of when Gabriel hears.) [ed. note: This character’s name was changed to Hector Descanso at the last minute.]

Chapters 1-2 (~30-35 pages)

  • Gabriel wakes up
  • Will skips Gabriel Up to the morning after, to find the body
  • Will can’t slipshank [this is a term from Continuum for what in the book is called a Bill-and-Ted], Gabriel’s rattled and thinks it’s because they’re approaching a nexus
  • Gabriel says to himself “obviously a crime of passion.” But what kind? Will says “think of the people you know. You can’t make a new enemy in two days, can you?”
    • Why doesn’t Gooch span down to the moment of the murder? By the time he can, he ‘knows’ that only his elder and the murderer are present?
  • Morgan and Belicec [Matthew Park] visit Gabriel, and show him the murder weapon – Rachel’s scarf. Will brought it to Morgan.
    • Morgan: “It’s your wife.” (you two argue loudly in about two days, just before the murder…) “Impossible!”
    • Belicec: “X (a Time Master follower Gabriel caught, the one preying on Rachel’s sister) is loose.”
    • Other suspects?

Chapter 3 (~17 pages)

  • Gabriel goes to the M.B. (or SLO?) Corner to grapevine the time-active suspects.
    • Wrex: “Your wife does kill a time-active by strangulation.” (it’s just … in her Yet a bit. Gabriel will later punch this guy in the face for pulling a Further Information.)
    • “Angelo Foreshadow’s been lookin’ for ya.”
  • In exchange for info, Gooch is handed responsibility of Maria, the amnesiac on their step. Charged with taking care of her and investigating what led up to her being there, and returning her home.
    • “Go Down and see for yourself. You were there.”
    • Maria freaks out at skipping but can do it herself. (some tension since she has none of the Legion’s usual post-hypnotic triggers)

Chapter 4-5 (~30-35 pages)

Enough room for two or three major events. Use ‘em well.

  • Gooch suspects Landreth [another name for Hank Lightfoot], then his wife.
  • Other suspects come into play…partly so that Gabriel can avoid thinking it’s his wife. Including Will (acting shifty? No motive to be pinned). And Maria (jealousy). And Rachel’s sister (crime of passion/revenge for Rachel).
  • Angelo Foreshadow disappears (Gooch speaks to Jessica, there’s this whole huge hole in Angelo Foreshadow’s worldline…).
  • Morgan: “Date’s been set for punishing your wife for your murder.” (end Ch. 4)
  • (Ch. 5) The time-active grapevine start turning up leads: X was elsewhere at the time, Angelo’s come Down and is looking for Gabriel, info on Maria? “And hey, your sister in law was asking around about you…she seems pissed…”
  • While investigating Maria, eliminates her but spooks Will a little. (“I’m going to surveil your place and see if she shows up.” He does. Why would Will lie? Because he was the murderer or hiding him. But this makes no sense!)

Chapter 6 (~17 pages) (what’s the Big Middle?)

  • Gooch and Rachel – their relationship, how they got together, the Thing that haunts him.
  • Gooch sends Belicec (Will?) Up with some physical evidence and sneak superior forensics in.
  • Gabriel investigates Maria’s past (events after she wakes up on the beach), saves Maria from attack? She lionizes him.

Chapters 7-8 (~30-35 pages)

  • Will met himself recently. Why? (how does Gooch find out? Something to do with Maria investigation. Or Anna tells him. Now Will is really scared, and showing it.)
  • Maria and Rachel have met (did Rachel see them together?) (Rachel gave directions?)
  • ‘meanings of act 1 revealed’ – Rachel’s sister confronts Gabriel, he laughs in her face at the very idea that he could beat his 6’5, brick-shithouse wife. Angelo tries to evince the info out of Gabriel, and realizes he’s too soon when Gooch is clearly confused.
  • Forensics comes back, returns the scarf to Gabriel.
  • The (original) scarf goes missing.

Chapter 9 (~17 pages)

  • Gooch makes all the phone calls. This is the last, critical clue, because it’s when Will must have made his move.
  • Gabriel assembles people’s Ages, reviews with Maria. “I usually do this alone, but…”
    • “It can’t be…but it must have been Rachel.”
    • How is Rachel finally eliminated? Maria’s suggestion. What?
  • Gabriel works it out: Will couldn’t slipshank. At the time, Gooch thought it was an approaching nexus. Now he knows it wasn’t, since everyone else’s slipshanking is fine. Which means that it must have been Will or a leveler, since the scarf was never returned, and all the mundanes have been eliminated.

Chapter 10 (~17 pages)

  • Rachel is clearly sitting on something and about to explode/skirmishing.
  • Gooch looks for positive proof, goes out to get it, drags Maria along. What’s the proof?
  • Maria tries to seduce Gooch?
  • Gooch sends Maria home.

Chapter 11 (~17 pages)

  • The rugby game.
  • The Caballeros drink and argue in public.
    • …and Gooch extends the olive branch. Rachel accepts. In private. They break the bed.
    • Gabriel leaves a note. In case he doesn’t come back.

Chapter 12 (~17 pages)

  • Gooch goes and tells Morgan what happened.
  • Gooch goes for his walk on the beach, is confronted by Will.
  • Gooch tells him to stay there, he knows what happened. Will at first denies, then Gooch explains it.
  • Will jumps Gooch, Gooch slipshanked a knife and wounds Will while he’s got the scarf around Gooch’s neck.
    • Will, losing blood, spans away when he thinks Gooch’s dead.

Chapter 13 (~17 pages)

  • Gooch wakes up, very surprised. Maria is waiting there, with a bundle. Thanks Gabriel for what he did, and is returning the favor. She shows him the bundle, it’s his body. He thinks it’s his elder, Maria invites him to investigate. It’s his joven what the he-. Threatens Maria. Maria points out that there is a body on the beach the next morning, it can either be this one…or yours. Gooch concludes he has just been viciously, viciously fucked over. Maria says “toodles!” and spans away. Gooch grits his teeth, arranges the body.
  • Gooch walks home and confronts the posse assembled to do in his wife by time traveler justice, tells them to go the fuck home. Confirms with Morgan that Will’s been apprehended and brought to justice.
    • They all conclude that Gabriel is living on Borrowed Time, tisk and shy away a little.
  • Gooch falls into bed with his loving wife, worried that he’ll be dissonenced the next time he spans.

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