Roscoe Learns to Think – Failure

So, two days ago, I failed. I screwed around on the Internet until about one in the afternoon, then went out with three things in mind: get a cup, get a new kettle, and sit down with Kahne and Smid for an hour or so. For various reasons, including Marissa coming home early from Hong Kong, I was unable to complete any of these tasks. And unable to do so even until I went to bed.

So, yesterday, I sat down just before lunch and did my multiple mentality exercises. When Marissa and I went shopping for scarves and gloves, I did window-shopping. I memorized the list of observation and concentration exercises (plus a few more that have been suggested to me in private). And I meditated.

I still feel like I let myself (and you all) down. But I don’t want to paper it over and cover it up, so I’m being completely truthful about it. I could try and pull a double today, or let it slide, or knock back the scheduling (switch over to Exercise II on Sunday instead of Saturday, etc.). How do you think I should handle it?

Let me know in the comments. Right now, I believe I have some homework to do…


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4 responses to “Roscoe Learns to Think – Failure

  • Thalass

    Is that all? I mean yeah, you let yourself down, but as long as you realise it and redouble your efforts to not make a habit out of it you’ll be fine. You’re parsecs ahead of me!

  • Bob Lloyd

    And life goes on
    hang in there
    Bob and Celeste

  • rmathieu

    I elected to Keep Calm and Carry On. I’m still switching over to Exercise II tomorrow because I feel I have learned Exercise I (and have chanted out the alphabet backwards, the interlaced alphabet (in two variations) and the transposed alphabet (in four variations) just now to double-check it).

    If this happens again, I’m either going to move back the schedule or let it slide.

    Good luck with your practice, guys. 🙂

  • Llewellyn

    Rather than beat up on yourself, know yourself.

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