The Town of Prescott v. some school

I was working on my Fanime update when this popped up in chat.

If you are in support of the Arizona immigration laws, I’d like you to reconsider that support, if only because it’s these people who will be administrating it. The upstanding of Prescott, AZ are driving by a school and shouting racist remarks because the school had the gall to paint pictures of its actual students. Who, as it turns out, aren’t white. At least, not in real life. They are in the picture, now, “because of the controversy.”

Yes sir. I trust the law enforcement that these people have in place to not abuse their powers under a new law that gives them the right to check anyone suspected of being an illegal alien at any time. I trust that such people would not interpret this law overly broadly. I trust the judges elected by these people would not interpret the law overly harshly. And I trust that elected officials, such as Councilman Steve Blair who is encouraging this behavior with his radio talk show, would surely restrict abuses of such a law.

I mean, seriously, this is 2010. There have been Mexican people in Arizona since before it was part of the United States. I don’t know about them, but in California, the base of our economy runs on illegal immigrant slave labor. There have been Indians there since before Latin was young. There have been black people there as long as there have been white people there. What the hell is the problem with the town of Prescott?

I’m ashamed that my company is based there.


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