I’m Baaaack

I tend to put together my stories in pieces. I have a whole catalog of half-ideas, a scene, a character, a plot without a place, even just a description. One I have sitting on top right now, just at random, is “the horns of the street were like an ecology of their own: the deep chuck of the police van, the high warble of a bus, the angry growl of a Nissan.” Other half-ideas I have sitting around are “Zen Technician v. Natural Prodigy” and the image of Green Snake, reborn as Madame Green Snake after spending the whole story grown pale and blind.

I have a whole backlog of story halves, waiting for me to match up the other half (or threesome). But I don’t have any such thing for blog posts. For this reason, I found it impossible to sit down and write one. James Chen at the Thoughtscream advised me to sit down, and start writing, and let inspiration come after. So I have, and so here I am. You’ll be seeing a lot more out of me here on out.

And Red Penny Monday stopped because I started writing up my own version of the Legend of the White Snake for the next week’s entry. I’m still writing it. It will be awesome.


About R. Jean Mathieu

They say he speaks five languages, was conceived on a chess board, and once seduced a tong boss' daughter and lived to tell the tale. All we know is, he's called Roscoe. You can find more scurrilous lies at rjeanmathieu.com and buy his books at fedoraarts.com. View all posts by R. Jean Mathieu

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