A Bit of Random

I am now the newest member of the SLO NightWriters. This is a very Good Thing, and I’m glad I missed karate for it. I’ve made overtures towards linking up NightWriters and the Cuesta Literati, given that I’ve been unceremoniously made president of the latter. Exciting stuff down the way…with not too much work on my part, I could easily leave the Literati as much more than three or four people gathered around a table every now and again.

Then my car broke down.

I woke up early yesterday due to a combination of Lenker’s taste in movies and bladder content. I wandered downstairs, thinking about a note I left in my notebook about six years ago, made myself a big sandwich, sat down, and started working on my morning pages. While I was writing, I brought the note up again, which was half a story and just needed something to focus on. Then I wrote out “Hyperspace,” and specifically the setting development I did on it for another story last year. The idea for a plot and the ‘focus’ of hyperspace worked perfectly, and today I tidied it up and sent it out to my regular editors.

I notice a lot of my fiction seems to be coming together like this: I have a lot of halves lying around, and most of my stories recently have been a matter of putting halves together and figuring out how to dress it. “Only the Good Die Young,” which I’m submitting off to the Music for Another World anthology, came from crossing my uncle’s death with a setting I’ve been toying with for two years, and “No More Final Frontiers” seems to be combining a character I’ve had forever with a dream I had when I was barely sapient.

Sometimes, old fire stew is the best stew.


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